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When you have tough HR questions, where can you go? Your lawyer? Consultants? The Web? These options cost too much or leave you with incomplete answers. HR databases help greatly but can only go so far - with complex questions, there is no substitute for talking to a Human Resources expert. ThinkHR Live gives you more, with a comprehensive solution including everything you need to establish and maintain HR compliance within your business:

HR AdvisorImmediate help from qualified HR advisors via phone and email

  • Calls are answered Live - every day, every time so that you are not left waiting hours or days for answers to your HR questions
  • National and state level scope and expertise
  • 11 hours of accessibility every business day, 8am-7pm CST

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HR Library1000s of forms, documents, tools and checklists

  • 1000's of forms, documents, tools and templates for your HR department
  • State and Federal level employment law, compliance guides and checklists

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HR Training200+ on demand web courses for managers and employees

  • Diverse course listings appeal to both management and employee levels
  • Professionally developed and self-paced

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Technology + MoreProprietary and best-in-class platform to make your life easy

  • Compliance alerts with HR news, important updates and interesting HR commentary
  • HRCI approved webinars

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